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White Pine County, Nevada Partners with Pioneer Technology Group to Modernize the Courtroom Thanks to Benchmark and Jurymark

Pioneer Technology Group has partnered with White Pine County, Nevada to bring its courthouse into the 21st century.
White Pine County, Nevada signs on with Pioneer Technology Group to install Benchmark and Jurymark. Benchmark, an all in one court case management system will raise efficiency in the court by providing paperless access to all dockets, data, and images, multi-case in-court processing, pre-trial access for all parties, automatic fine calculations, and in-court electronic signatures. Jurymark, Pioneer’s Jury Management System, will streamline and automate White Pine’s jury process as it provides a seamless user experience, increased productivity, reduced juror check-in times, and an online web portal.

These recent developments come as no surprise as White Pine County Clerk Nichole Baldwin has been eager to update and upgrade the court. Bringing in Pioneer, they look to bring technology into the fold as a means to impact the level of paper being used in court and in the office. Efforts to transition to a paperless court system will minimize the amount of paper used and streamline the court process. By converting to Benchmark and installing Jurymark White Pine County will transform their courtroom to a 21st century court.

Peter Duffy, Sales and Business Development for Pioneer Technology Group, had this to say: “We are pleased to see White Pine County take the necessary steps forward to evolve their court and jury management systems. Our ambition is to grow our relationship and presence with White Pine County, its residents, and the remaining Counties in Nevada who have yet to make the switch to a paperless court system. White Pine has just raised the bar.”

White Pine County is only one of a total of eight new customers within the state of Nevada to have signed on with Pioneer Technology Group to install state of the art software. This expansion through the West is only part of the beginning for Pioneer who has a growing list of customers across the United States from the Southernmost Point of Florida to the Space Needle in the state of Washington.