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The City of Orlando, Florida Moves Closer to Paperless with the Help of Pioneer Records Management

The City of Orlando will be digitizing half a million documents in an effort to move toward a more secure and efficient operation.

The City of Orlando is taking steps to move to a more efficient workflow by digitizing half a million documents. The City selected Pioneer Records Management through a rigorous RFP process. Pioneer Records Management is a local provider of digitization services that employs many Central Floridians. The company has been in business since 1987.

The City’s Permitting and Construction Division receives and produces documents ranging in size from a standard letter to large plats and design documents. The project is anticipated to kick off within the next month when the first documents will be digitized and available for immediate access within the City’s Hummingbird Workflow system. The City will immediately benefit from the real-time access, improved security and the repurposing of the space currently occupied by the paper documents.

General Manager of Pioneer Records Management, Chris Granville, had this to say: “At PRM, we are consistently seeing the need for municipalities to digitize wide format drawings as they are cumbersome and take up quite a bit of space. We are looking at this project as a springboard into doing much more work in this arena.”

Pioneer Records Management provides digital document conversion services to all type of documents including paper, micro-film, micro-fiche and others. The company operates a state of the art conversion services facility in Sanford, Florida with storage and document destruction services available as well. Pioneer Records Management also offers the popular YourDox system, a cloud based software solution for Content Management needs. Additionally the company provides software for onsite document management as well as consulting services. Pioneer serves both the private and public sector markets nationwide.