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Pioneer Technology Group’s Landmark System Comes to Lee County, Florida

The installation of Landmark will add efficiency to Lee County’s internal processes by utilizing scan first technology, eRecording, advanced document management tools, efficient document workflow, and improved web portal for the public and robust system reporting. The public searchers that regularly rely on the documents and information maintained by the Clerk of the Circuit Court / County Recorder will have more advanced tools and the ability to access all they need online through a subscription service in real time.

“Lee County has been a long time valued customer of ours that holds multiple other Pioneer products, including Axia and Excise. We’re looking forward to expanding our successful relationship with them by adding Landmark to this list,” said Ryan Crowley, Executive Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Pioneer Technology Group.

Lee County went through an extensive RFP Process reviewing all the major vendors offering Land Records systems before choosing Pioneer Technology Group’s Landmark Official Land Records System. Lee County also runs other Pioneer products including Axia for Property Tax Appeals and Excise for Tourist Development Tax Processing.

The Pioneer team has extensive experience in technology as it relates to land records. The Pioneer team will be using this experience to convert all the historical data and images out of Lee County’s current recording system for a seamless transition into the future of official records. Lee County is expected to go live in 2018.