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Pioneer Technology Group Announces Support Initiative

‘Take care of the customer, and the customer will take care of you.’ This idea is the core of Pioneer’s initiative, One Pioneer – a radical change in how the software company does business. Barriers will be broken down between the departments of Implementation, Forms, Programming, and Support, with the intent to further improve our response times for our customers.

Quality support has always been crucial in maintaining a positive relationship between the company and its customers. Knowing this, Pioneer aims to expand its daily Support focus beyond the Help Desk. Ticket resolution will be a high priority not just for the help desk, but for every department across the board. For example, more complex issues involving code changes will now be resolved much faster, as the Programming department will be on hand immediately to address such tickets.

Pioneer’s Help Desk is hiring additional team members, while at the same time doubling its efforts via the active involvement of other departments in solving tickets. Managers from each department will work together to ensure their resources are always available to the Support team. Each group brings unique expertise to the table, allowing our Support personnel to tap into a reserve of more specialized information at a moment’s notice.