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Pioneer Technology Group Announces Expansion After Opening a New Office in Ohio

Pioneer Technology Group announced this month the opening of a new office in Wooster, Ohio. The building is located between two Wayne County Courthouses, a fitting location as Wayne County was the first in Ohio to install Benchmark to unify their courts. The new office and staff will provide a dedicated hub of support to this region of the United States. Pioneer has always taken pride in their customer support ethic and growth of the Ohio customer base made the opening of this new office an easy choice.

“The relationships we build with our customers is what is most important to us. Providing quality software and support is key to building these relationships but it cannot stop there, we must be in contact as much as possible and the opening of this new office in Ohio will allow us to do just that for the Midwest region,” said Steve Rumsey, President and CEO of Pioneer Technology Group.

Pioneer’s products and services are accessed by over 1.4 million citizens in the Midwest alone in both courts and land records applications. Many of these customers use more than one Pioneer product. Among these are Benchmark, a court case management software, Landmark, a land records software, Jurymark, jury management software. In addition to software Pioneer provides records management services such as document and film scanning, secure destruction and more.

“The opening of our new Midwest office is fantastic for both our clients and prospects in the region. With a focused effort, Pioneer is committed to dedicating considerable resources to supporting and promoting our local markets,” said Kevin Koon-Koon, Vice President of Operations for Pioneer Technology Group. “We are not just creating a workspace, the vision is to ultimately create an environment that is flexible and collaborative where users can attend training, support, and product specific educational workshops.”

Pioneer is excited to take this next step in the Midwest region. Providing an improved customer service experience is the ultimate goal with this expansion.