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Muskingum County, OH Enlists With Pioneer Technology Group To Introduce New Case And Jury Management Systems; Benchmark And Jurymark

Pioneer Technology Group partners with Muskingum, Ohio to upgrade current court management system.

Muskingum, Ohio comes together with Pioneer Technology Group to introduce Benchmark; an intuitive, comprehensive case management software used throughout the United States to streamline and automate court processes while increasing productivity and lowering day-to-day court costs. Pioneer Technology Group will also be implementing Jurymark. The Jurymark system will provide Muskingum County with the necessary tools to reduce the juror check-in time and increase the efficiency and accuracy of the office.
This exciting new partnership comes as a result of Muskingum County, OH selecting Pioneer Technology Group over multiple other vendors involved with their RFP process. Currently, Muskingum uses various systems to handle its court processes; having these numerous systems has not been cost-effective for the county and has only proven to make the managing and sharing of pertinent data difficult amongst court officials. Benchmark and Jurymark will consolidate many of the services these current systems provide, ushering in newfound efficiency and savings for Muskingum County.

Nic Ciavarino, Pioneer’s Product Services Account Manager for Ohio had this to say: “Pioneer’s continued growth in the state of Ohio while in large part due to the incredible product and services we have to offer has really been a result of the relationships we as a company can develop and maintain with our growing list of customers. With Muskingum County joining this list, we are keen on the continued development of our relationship and commitment to providing nothing short of excellent service and support.”

Benchmark and Jurymark are set to be implemented in Muskingum’s County Court, Common Pleas Court, Prosecutor’s office, and Jury. Their features will provide the surrounding community with means for easier interaction between the public and the court; some features include E-filing, E-Signatures, E-Forms, Document Routing, Public Web Access for attorneys, E-discovery for the prosecutor’s office, kiosk check-in, configurable panel workspace, and Web Check-in capabilities for jurors.