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Mobile County Alabama Selects Landmark from Pioneer Technology Group

Mobile County joins the growing list of customers in Alabama to make the move to Landmark, the industry leading Land Records Management Technology.

Mobile County has selected the state-of-the-art land records system, Landmark, from Pioneer Technology Group (Pioneer) to replace the aging software currently used in their recording division. Landmark will help to streamline online access and internal processing of land records while providing improved customer service to the public in the process. Selecting Landmark was just one step in the overall plan to make Mobile County a paperless after having already chosen Pioneer’s subsidiary, Pioneer Records Management, to handle the digitization of both the Court’s judicial and land records divisions.

“We are pleased to provide Mobile County with a streamlined approach to land records via our user friendly system, Landmark,” said Ryan Crowley, Executive Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Pioneer Technology Group. “Mobile County is always innovating and looking for new ways to better serve their citizens and we are happy to a part of that process. We are excited to see this partnership continue to grow in the years to come.”

In addition to a paper free workplace, Landmark also brings long awaited updates to Mobile County’s land records. The installation of this system will add efficiency to the internal processes of Mobile County’s recording department by utilizing scan first technology and electronic document stamping. The public searchers that regularly rely on the documents and information maintained by the Probate Judge will now have access to more advanced tools as well as the ability to access all documents online through a subscription service in real time.