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Jefferson County, Alabama Land Records Go Paperless with Pioneer Records Management and Landmark from Pioneer Technology Group

Jefferson County Probate Court has enhanced their ability to serve their citizens by digitizing all micro-film records and making them available to the public real-time.

Jefferson County now offers its citizen’s access to the industry’s most powerful Land Records system, Landmark, and with it they have gone paperless and provided their citizens with the ability to view all land records real-time online. (PRM) successfully scanned all of the micro-film the County had containing historical data and digitized it for immediate access on the web via Landmark, an industry leading land records system provided by Pioneer Technology Group, PRM’s parent company.

This change allows for online access to all public records, old and new. The new system provides the public users of the land records information immediate access to the indexes and images online with a subscription. Recorded documents are available on the public access site, real time, as soon as they are recorded within Landmark.

PRM has initiated a two phase approach in order to provide access to Jefferson County citizens as quickly as possible. Phase 1 involves scanning in all micro-film from 1987 to 1996. Phase 2 involves scanning in any and all micro-film dating back from 1965 to 1986. PRM is able to work directly with Pioneer Technology group easily and ready the images for immediate use in the new Landmark system. Working with these companies together not only speeds up the production time but ensures a County will go completely paperless from historical documentation to records being indexed present day. Pioneer Technology Group has also been selected to replace Jefferson County’s Court Case Management system. This project is currently underway.

Pioneer Records Management provides digital document conversion services to all type of documents including paper, micro-film, micro-fiche and others. The company operates a state of the art conversion services facility in Sanford, Florida with storage and document destruction services available as well. Pioneer Records Management also offers the popular YourDox system, a cloud based software solution for Content Management needs. Additionally the company provides software for onsite document management as well as consulting services. Pioneer serves both the private and public sector markets nationwide.