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Hays County Clerk Pioneers the Future of Land Records Management and Access in Texas

Hays County is the first County in Texas to make the move to Landmark, the latest in Land Records Management Technology.

The Hays County Clerk selected Landmark from Pioneer Technology Groupfor their records division. This marks the first contract for Landmark in Texas, and continues Pioneer Technology Group’s expansion into the Southwest.

The installation of Landmark will add efficiency to the internal processes in the Clerk’s office but the change will also directly benefit the citizens of Hays County. The public searchers that regularly rely on the documents and information maintained by the Clerk will have more advanced tools and the ability to access all they need online through a subscription service.

The partnership in Hays County is the first in the company’s Texas expansion but marks entry into the 20th state for Pioneer. Pioneer is in discussions with several other Texas Clerks for a multitude of products and services that include Benchmark court case management software, Jurymark jury management software, document and film digitization services, and of course additional Landmark deals.

The Pioneer team will be relying on decades of conversion experience with land records systems nationally to convert all of the data and images from the existing system into Landmark. The new system is expected to be installed and ready to use before the end of this year.