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Eureka County, NV Signs on with Benchmark Case Management System from Pioneer Technology Group

Pioneer Technology expands further west as it partners with Eureka to modernize the County courthouse.
Eureka County, Nevada partners with Pioneer Technology Group to install Benchmark, a comprehensive court case management software for counties and municipalities of all sizes that will streamline and automate many of the court’s day to day processes. Benchmark will allow for Eureka to provide a smooth experience to its court officials and its citizens. Real-time access to court services, e-signing, and custom workflows will simultaneously lower court costs as it increases productivity.

One such source of productivity is Benchmark’s paperless design through its scan upfront system; an intuitive process designed to effectively remove the need for paper in the courtroom. This will reduce office clutter and lower court costs whilst improving the communication channels between the court staff and the Judges; the latter of which is a goal Eureka is eager to accomplish.

Peter Duffy, Pioneer’s Western Region Business Development Manager had this to say: “Eureka joins the other eight NV Counties using a Pioneer product and we are excited to welcome them to the family. The move to Benchmark will ensure that the Court and the citizens of the Court have the latest technology for years to come.”