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Escambia County, Florida Installs New Value Adjustment Board System, Axia, from Pioneer Technology Group

The taxpayers of Escambia County, FL can now save themselves a trip downtown and file their petitions online thanks to the recent installation of Axia, a property tax appeal system that allows the Value Adjustment Board efficiencies like never before.

Pioneer Technology Group, LLC, a provider of custom developed software to County Government, has announced the completed installation of Escambia County’s new Value Adjustment Board software system, Axia. Axia provides Escambia County with online access for Taxpayers, Property Appraisers, Magistrates, and Value Adjustment Board staff. Online access includes real-time status of petitions, hearing dates, hearing decisions, and the submittal and retrieval of evidence.

Additionally, Axia’s paperless hearing module allows for automated batch scheduling, the assigning of Special Magistrates with the correct qualifications, automatic generation of hearing notices, and the review of hearing schedules and daily agendas. The system also allows the scheduler to group hearings by agent, owner, location and various other criteria.

“We know that Escambia, and all Florida Counties, have been getting inundated with petitions. With this in mind, we are happy to provide a solution that adds a considerable amount of efficiency to the VAB process,” said Steve T. Rumsey, President and CEO of Pioneer Technology Group.

Heather S. Mahoney, Manager of Official Records in Escambia County, had this to say of their experience so far: “Our office started using Axia in the 2016 VAB Season. It is a great program, and is extremely user friendly. Customer service from the Pioneer team has been first class! They have provided great support as we learn this new program.”