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Benchmark From Pioneer Technology Group Becomes Caps 4.0 Certified

Pioneer Technology Group’s court case management system Benchmark has recently been certified by the Florida Courts Technology Commission (FCTC) for a CAPS 4.0 certification. In the state of Florida, for any vendor to seek the sale of their Court Application Processing System (CAPS) they must meet the stringent, evolving CAPS standards put forth by the FCTC. CAPS systems allow judges the ability to perform critical judicial case management tasks such as viewing cases and associated images, document workflow, calendaring, electronically signing documents, managing court dockets and much more.

Benchmark is a comprehensive court case management software for counties and municipalities of all sizes developed with the purpose of streamlining and automating many of a court’s day to day processes. Through real-time access to court services, e-signing, custom workflows, and its scan upfront system, Benchmark effectively removes the need for paper in the court room whilst simultaneously lowering court costs and increasing productivity.