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Bay County Clerk of Court and Comptroller Improves Jury Duty and Customer Service Experience

The process of managing jury panels has recently become a breeze for Bay County, Florida. By implementing Jurymark, Bay County’s Clerk of Court and Comptroller has streamlined the workflow saving time and providing a seamless experience for its customers.

“We have been using Pioneer’s products for years and their support is incomparable to other software providers out there. We have built a strong and prosperous relationship with Pioneer Technology Group, one that we are very glad to be expanding as we begin to implement Jurymark,” said Clerk Bill Kinsaul.

Bay County continues to be at the forefront of Courts in and across the United States who have picked up Jurymark as an answer to their Jury Management needs. Bay County has also successfully implemented Benchmark: Pioneer’s court case management system, Landmark: Pioneer’s solution to official records processing, as well as Pioneer’s tax processing systems including Axia for property tax appeals and TaxSmart which manages tax deed sales from beginning to end.
Jurymark offers a configurable panels workspace that allows users to move jurors from one panel to another, add extra jurors to an existing panel and even multi-select jurors to set statuses in a single step. Jurymark also includes full accounting features and automated state reporting as well as a juror workspace with history tracking and document generation, which makes this system a one stop shop for any and all jury related matters.